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Irizar i6S, the most efficient coach in the history of Irizar

Consumption and emissions have been reduced up to 13%, weight is down to 950 kg and the aerodynamic coefficient is 30% lower.

Aerodynamic coefficient improved by 30%

Excellent aerodynamic performance is the key to this new generation of coaches. Part of the front of the vehicle and roof has been modified. Furthermore, the Irizar i6S Efficient has the option to replace the rear view mirrors with digital vision cameras with the two-fold goal of providing wide-angle vision in any weather conditions. These modifications provide improvements in the driver's direct and indirect field of vision.

Weight reduction up to 950 kg

Another major challenge was reducing weight. High strength steel and lighter composite materials were used instead of traditional structural materials.

Maximum comfort in the travel experience

Thanks to those innovations we've been able to increase the space for passengers to improve ergonomics and comfort. We've also reduced noise and vibrations to the minimum.

The cockpit has likewise been redesigned to be more comfortable and ergonomic and have a larger field of vision. The new line of Hispacold climate control devices is more compact, efficient and lighter.

That lets us make the travelling experience in this new Irizar as comfortable as possible.

Passenger safety is our top priority

Avoiding problems on the road is a demand for Irizar vehicles. All Irizar models comply with passive safety regulations and have the most modern active safety systems to guarantee stability and minimise risks in unforeseen circumstances.

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