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Sustainability as Our Fundamental Pillar

Sustainability, as a fundamental pillar of our strategy for the future, drives us and commits the entire Group to contribute to the construction of a better and more sustainable world.

Our Commitment

The Sustainable Mobility of the Future

“At Irizar we want to be a key actor in the sustainable mobility of the future. To achieve that, we’re focusing all our efforts on decarbonisation, electrifying cities and reducing the consumption and emissions of our vehicles. We’re sure the future will be multi-technological and we’re ready for it.”

Imanol Rego, CEO Irizar Group 

Sustainable Competitiveness

We orient all our efforts towards striving for long term sustainable competitiveness in economic, social and environmental terms. We are also making progress in the day-to-day management of every company in the group in line with the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We remain firmly committed to our goal of growing in a sustainable way.

  • Continuous Dialogue

    We remain committed to continuous dialogue with all our stakeholders.

  • Transparency

    Make progress in good governance and integrity backed by our culture of openness

  • Code of Ethics

    Make progress in deploying Our Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Behaviour of the Irizar Code of Ethics.

  • SDGs

    Total alignment with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and strategic contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Efficient Range and New Technologies

We have electric vehicles and hybrid technology, compressed and liquid natural gas and we are already working with prototypes of hydrogen vehicles. It is a range of sustainable technologies for meeting all the needs of the market.

We also have a line of Efficient diesel vehicles with a reduction in consumption and emissions of up to 13% and 30% improvements in the aerodynamic coefficient and weight reductions of up to 950 kg.

Electrifying Cities

Our sustainable mobility solutions are transforming our cities and our planet. No polluting emissions, no noise, efficient and accessible The transport of the future is already here.

Zero direct emissions

A 100% electric articulated Irizar bus eliminates the atmospheric emission of 120 tons of CO2 each year.

Noise reduction

The electric technology makes the noise of the combustion engine disappear, which means there are no exterior sound emissions to annoy pedestrians when the bus is stopped and starting (0 dBA). When driving the noise pollution of the Irizar ie bus is 20% lower.

Green energy factory

The total energy consumed by our plant is produced by a photovoltaic energy Centre located in Álava, which makes it the first fully sustainable European energy plant.

Social Innovation for Our People

We are committed to all the people in the Irizar Group and we promote ongoing training and professional development for them. As a cooperative, people have always been at the centre of our activities and communication, trust and participation in management and business results is the path we have followed from the start.

Our social innovation project puts a focus on work-life balance, equality, diversity and social inclusion. We want to become leaders in what really matters.

We are Circular

Izir, our circular economy brand

Since 2019 we have had our own brand of circular economy products called Izir, “Irizar Zirkularra” for giving a second life to excess materials from our production. Product catalogue, sustainable fashion, leisure spaces and a lot more!

Cooperativist DNA

Our relationship with society is based on respect, is open and participative while collaborating with culture, sports and education in our immediate area as well as on solidarity actions.

Our International Action Framework

We have been adherents to the United Nations Global Compact since 2013 and year after year we renew our firm commitment to the 10 principles set forth by the Global Compact, which inspire us to move forward with our responsible activities and helps us manage risk better.

We started approaching the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2018. Since then, our contribution to achieving the SDGs is integrated into our strategy and management. 

We are also members of the Spanish Global Compact Network.

Download our sustainability report to see all the information about the main initiatives we are doing.