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Irizar i4, the power of versatility

Metropolitan Vocation

In search of maximum efficiency

The Irizar i4 is an ideal vehicle for metropolitan, commuter, school or business transport. The structural redesign of this version, the incorporation of new and lighter materials and corresponding reduction of weight, along with a more aerodynamic front end, provide this Irizar i4 with significant fuel savings.

Versatile and Accessible

The different versions of this vehicle (H, M, L) emphasize accessibility. The doors, with different single and double door options, enable lifts to be installed to facilitate access for reduced mobility passengers. The floors, which can be flat or lowered, and the unobstructed aisles underline the concept of adaptability.

Passenger safety is our top priority

Avoiding problems on the road is a demand for Irizar vehicles. All Irizar models comply with passive safety regulations and have the most modern active safety systems to guarantee stability and minimise risks in unforeseen circumstances.

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