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Why Irizar?

As key actors in the sustainable mobility of the future, Irizar buses and coaches are your best choice. Safe, profitable and reliable, we focus on design and give you the option to personalise your vehicle to the maximum.

Irizar Service, always by your side

Close and personal customer service is a value that identifies Irizar and sets it apart from the rest. The team of people that serves you will stay with you for the entire life of the vehicle, helping you make the best decisions to turn your purchase into profit.

Irizar service offers you customised solutions, designed and created to offer you the best. The availability of a fully guaranteed complete repair, tune-up and maintenance service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year is still a feature that sets up apart.

Technology of tomorrow

Challenges demand responses. And our Irizar Group Technology has them.

Irizar technology is aimed at solving the challenges of the mobility of the future. They are also aimed at providing a state of well-being and safety which is related to the pleasure or enjoyment of the trip.

Accessibility without limits

Accessibility for passengers and the spaciousness of the interiors are key aspects of the design of our coaches. We offer a high degree of flexibility for the design and distribution of seating as well as the location of wheelchairs.