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About Irizar

Irizar is a business group with an international presence and it has business activities in the passenger transport, electromobility, electronics, electric motor and generator, connectivity and energy sectors.

The Irizar Group is comprised of seven brands that have production operations in 13 plants spread across Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. It also has its own R&D centre, called Creatio, based in Ormaiztegi, Spain.

Founded in 1889, today, Irizar is a well-established Group with a commercial presence in more than 90 countries, it is geographically and industrially diversified and it is continuously growing and firmly committed to the brand, technology and sustainability.

By and for people

We put personalised products and services with a high added value in the hands of customers. We do it using a strategy based in close, direct relationships to gain trust and ensure satisfaction, while also providing an established project you can put your trust in.

The passenger travel experience

Our vehicles provide maximum safety and comfort to passengers so their only concern is enjoying their trip.

With the Driver in Mind

The dashboard area is designed in a way that is especially ergonomic for the driver with a central console that includes all the electronic systems, easy-to-read instruments and a virtual gauge display with innovative functions. It is a comfortable design that provides a wide field of vision.

Always close to you

Every day we strive to achieve a position of leadership that gets passed on in benefit of our customers. We work as a team and we have people committed to clients. Our ability and flexibility to personalise and adapt to your needs is a strategic factor that sets us apart.

For a better life

The new era of mobility creates new challenges and at Irizar we want to keep being a key actor in sustainable mobility. We are facing a multi-technological future where decarbonisation, electrification, reducing consumption and emissions and the digital transformation will be a major turning point in history.

Since 1889

Irizar was created in 1889 and it was its founder, a Gipuzkoan entrepreneur named José Antonio Irizar, who decided to take the company from manufacturing iron fittings for carriages into the world of passenger transport. It was a decision that years later would put Irizar at the vanguard of sustainable passenger mobility.

  • Since 1889

    Birth of Irizar

    Irizar was created in 1889 and its founder, a Gipuzkoan entrepreneur named José Antonio Irizar, was the one who decided to take the company from manufacturing iron fittings for carriages into the world of passenger transport.

  • 1946-1950

    The transition to manufacturing semi-metallic coaches

    In 1948, they began using metal in coaches and the first hand-crafted semi-metallic coach was launched, which was an extraordinary step forward for the market in terms of design and innovation.

  • 1953-1960

    Consolidation of the company and conversion to a PLC

    During the 50s, the structure of the company gradually took the form of the company that would, in 1960, become a public limited company. This period saw the beginning of a new stage of consolidation of the Irizar product and the opening of new markets.

  • 1961-1970

    Transformation of Irizar to S. Coop.

    A few kilometres from Ormaiztegi, Mondragon saw the birth of industrial cooperatives in the Basque Country, a philosophy that the Irizar brothers adopted in order to involve workers in the future of the company, giving partners the right to participate in its management. In 1963, Irizar became a cooperative with 60 members. The transformation enabled the company to continue its commitment to innovation and product development.

    Meet our team

    La dirección corporativa de Irizar, gracias a su experiencia y liderazgo, promueve los intereses de los clientes de Irizar y de las más de 2900 personas que forman el Grupo. Todo ello, basándonos en una gestión empresarial responsable.

    Why Irizar?

    If what you are looking for is the perfect combination of design, efficiency and technology with excellent service and a company that also adapts to your needs, Irizar is your best choice. Maximum safety for lighting the way.