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Irizar i3, urban spirit

Low-Entry suburban coach

Accessible and functional

We make access easy for people and we adhere to the strictest standards for accessibility. The front interior meets the strictest guidelines for accessibility. And at the rear, the interior height makes it possible to enjoy an ample space that is accessible and has excellent visibility.

Doors and ramps

It has different door configurations with a single or double leaf and different locations. The doors are electric opening, with automatic security sensors and internal emergency devices. The ramp possibilities are a manual or automatic ramp for PRM access with a wide, open aisle.

Made to order

This vehicle offers numerous internal layout configurations, along with a wide selection of seats which adapt to the different characteristics of each route. You can also choose seats next to the wheel covers and tip-ups in the PRM area.

Passenger safety is our top priority

Avoiding problems on the road is a demand for Irizar vehicles. All Irizar models comply with passive safety regulations and have the most modern active safety systems to guarantee stability and minimise risks in unforeseen circumstances.

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