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Coaches that stand apart

Beyond transporting passengers, our endless capacity for personalisation provides endless possibilities for converting our Premium or high end vehicles into vehicles for different uses.

With the best athletes

We provide a wide range of comfort and entertainment equipment and elements that are all adapted to meet the needs of the teams, athletes and technical and medical staff.

Your Irizar, your choices

Beyond sports, we have a catalogue full of options that make us stand apart. Television screens, tables, footrests, kitchens, meeting rooms and recreation spaces, bathrooms... We design spaces for all kinds of uses.

  • Entertainment and Connectivity

  • Meeting rooms

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Multi-use Spaces

Coaches for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has joined the demand for this kind of vehicle for moving patients or blood donation.

Värmland Region in Sweden

Two ambulance vehicles equipped with all kinds of medical infrastructure for bringing several patients to the hospital at the same time on stretchers and wheelchairs.

Syddanmark Region, Denmark

A vehicle exclusively designed for blood donation. It will stay parked at the Odense public hospital at night and it will go to different locations in southern Denmark during the day to promote and facilitate blood donation in the area.