The Irizar Group started the year with the award of the largest order for buses at its Morocco plant

February 2020

Irizar has been awarded the supply of 200 buses for Alsa Albaida for urban transport in the city of Casablanca

The Irizar i3le model buses on a Scania K320 UB4X2 LB Euro6 chassis will be customized to meet the operating needs of the city and its passengers and will include the latest safety, comfort and accessibility technology. These are 12 m buses, with capacity for 33 seated passengers. They are fitted with ramps for wheelchairs and places reserved for people with reduced mobility.  They will operate in Casablanca, with commissioning planned to take place gradually throughout 2020.

The buses will be manufactured at Irizar Maroc, at the company’s Shkirat plant. Unsurprisingly, Irizar Maroc has established itself as the Group’s production centre to complement the manufacture of Irizar Ormaiztegi buses and coaches and therefore meet the demands of certain market niches in Europe.

Irizar Maroc has production capacity of 500 units per year and the latest in technological production resources to guarantee the same standards of quality and reliability of the vehicles manufactured in Europe.  It currently manufactures the Irizar i6, Irizar i6S and Irizar i3le models and exports buses to Europe, Egypt, Senegal, Libya and Nigeria.

Locally, the Irizar brand has become the automatic choice for any coach investment or purchase in Morocco and is a symbol of profitability due to its design, reliability, safety and comfort. Irizar is currently the undisputed market leader.


Contracting authority: CASV Transports, S.A.

Operator: Alsa Albaida

Contractors: Scania Maroc, S.A. and Irizar Maroc, SA.

Number of units: 200 buses

Bus model: Irizar i3 low entry, 33 places

Chassis: Scania K320 UB4X2 LB Euro6

Manufacture: At Irizar Maroc – Skhirat (Morocco)


Adjudicateur : CASV Transports, S.A.

Opérateur : Alsa Albaida

Adjudicataires : Scania Maroc, S.A. et Irizar Maroc, SA.

Nombre d’unités : 200 autobus

Modèle autobus : Irizar i3 low entry, 33 places

Châssis : Scania K320 UB4X2 LB Euro6

Fabrication : Irizar Maroc – Skhirat (Maroc)