Brazilian businessman realizes dream and gets his first Irizar

August 2019

Proof that Irizar sells much more than just luxury coach bodies is the possibility that sometimes it will make the dreams of customers come true.

In the case of mining entrepreneur Saent Clair de Souza Pinto, owner of Urbana Turismo, whose focus is on religious tourism, the dream came true on the 30th, after the delivery of his first Irizar: a 14m long and 3m i6S, 90m high, perched on a Scania K360 4×2 chassis.

According to him, the acquisition was already in the family plans for some years: “I have been working with buses for a long time, since I was 21 years old. My dad was already messing with that and I learned from him. Since that time we saw the bus Irizar PB pass the highway near our house and I was thinking to our, what a wonderful car. One day I want to have a car like that. ‘We even call it a’ wingless plane ‘. And now the time has come for this dream to come true. ”

Among the specific features of the i6S model, Saent Clair highlights: “The finish of the floor imitating the color of the wood draws a lot of attention, the customization of the ladder with the company symbol as well. These are details that we will put on the market and we see that they are differential ”.

The first Irizar unit of Urbana Turismo also has 46 semi-armchairs with leg rests, two-point belt and USB ports, 3 monitors, Wi-Fi, retro camera, white LED itinerary, refrigerator at the back of the passenger lounge, bathroom and elevator for people with disabilities.

Even anxious to find out what the operation with an Irizar vehicle will look like and the performance of the brand’s aftermarket sector, the businessman synthesizes his purchase with his one sentence: “I’m very pleased with the final product, it surprised me.”


Saent Clair and his wife Rayanne Miranda receive the key to their first Irizar